What To Look Out for When Caring For Your Pomsky Puppies


fanpage-pomskyYou may want still need to bottle feed your pomsky puppies as it will provide great comfort and make that they are far less niggly. It will only be needed for a short time period as you would want to wean them of milk as soon as possible.

Make sure you have a special dog bed or puppy pen that they can call their own as your Pomsky puppy will spend most of their early takes sleeping and eating and would need a special place to rest their weary puppy heads.

Your pomsky puppy will feel right at home if you could line its bed or puppy den with his or her own dog blanket. Most times it will prevent them from wanting to lie in your bed. That is of course if you want it to be that way.

Once your Pomskies have reached four weeks, they will be ready for transition to solid food. You could make things easier by making the dog food into a mush to enable them to get used to the new way of eating.


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