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Meet the Pomsky – the new rival of the chihuahua?

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Ever heard the phrase,“It’s a dog’s life?” Well, the Pomsky has proved yet again that it truly is a dog’s world if not a dog’s life. Apparently being a hybrid is not such a bad thing after all. In case you don’t know, the it is a mix of the Pomeranian and Siberian Husky. What’s more, it’s headed to be the cutest designer dog. Considering that its breed is a cross from the Pomeranian and Siberian Husky, one needn’t state that it is both adorably fluffy as well as compact. Plus, its name sounds way better than Labradoodle any day. And one look at this new arrival will tell you that it can beat the Chiuaua hollow any day, atleast as far as appearances go.

Pomsky puppies are not only irresistible fur balls though. Whether or not they are destined to be the next lap dog is difficult to say. Dog lovers would have a problem stomaching such a scenario. After all, they aren’t only for arm candy or accessorizing as some animal lovers have pointed out. Their gentle temperament have won over many people on their side. Their ancestors, the Pomeranians were called ‘toy’ dogs and bore the patronage of none other than Queen Victoria! They come in a variety of colours but generally have white, black and brown. Their coat which adds to their toy-dog appeal is dense coated, distinctly reminding one of a Siberian Husky though a more long haired and fluffier version.

pomsku puppy

Pomskies are spirited but docile. Don’t let their size fool you. They are more agile and active than they look. They mainly sport a foxlike head and small erect ears. The most attractive feature is its long coat which is especially full on the neck and chest. They look much closer to the Pomeranians than the Siberian Huskies. Still, the name Pomsky is a perfect blend of the two names suggesting their mixed breed – the “Pom” from Pomeranians and the “sky” from Husky.

Pomsky puppies are here to stay. Even if they do reach the status of the ‘handbag’ dogs, it would be wrong to judge them by their fur alone. For their distant relative, the poodle despite all the pampering its received over the decades is still considered to be one of the most intelligent domestic dogs. Well finally, it has real keen competition from these puppies who are big things coming in small packages.

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Pomsky Puppies are the Latest Favorites

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Pomsky is probably one of the most loved breeds of puppies and dogs today. With its characteristic features and looks, these pomsky puppies are now becoming a part of every home. Different from the other breeds and quite cuter than many dogs, this typical breed has become a hot favorite at homes these days.

Pomsky belong to the hybrid class of dogs- it is a mix of Siberian Husky and Pomeranian breeds. The combination makes these dogs one of the cutest of its kind. This breed of dogs has been termed as designer dogs too. Because of its cross breed, pomsky puppies are simply adorable to look at, they are feathery and quite compact at the same time. In addition, the name of their breed makes them even more popular. With the advent of these puppies and their breed, to be more precise, it has been a wonderful choice for pet lovers. Instead of the labradoodle and the chiuaua, these puppies can be the best choice with respect to appearance and choice.

Because of the appearance of these puppies, their looks and the furry exterior, they have been able to leave a significant impact on the minds of pet lovers. More and more people now want to bring home a pomsky because these dogs look good and they are safer options too. Although they make look docile, they are quite active. At times, these dogs are quite unpredictable in their behavior as well. It becomes very difficult to understand how they would respond to a certain situation or event. However, like most pet dogs, they are also cordial and they adore their masters.

pomsky puppies

Pomsky puppies are now the most irresistible choice of dogs because of their furry appearance. You can take pleasure in holding one in your hand, placing one on the lap and enjoying a chat with your friends. They are perfect toys for every occasion. Their coat actually makes them so distinct and lovable. Available in varied colors, with brown, black and white being prominent, you can have your choice of this breed too. No matter which color you choose, you will get that fluffy and long-haired puppy for your home. The color has nothing much to do with what these dogs are all about, although it certainly makes a difference to the overall appearance of these pets.

A pomsky is lively and highly spirited. It is nimble and active too.

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