Introducing The Cutest Pooch On Earth – The Pomsky Puppy



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Are you looking for a cute pet dog that is intelligent and good natured? Well, take a look at a Pomsky puppy because when God created this little creature he worked miracles. Cross a Pomeranian with a Siberian husky and you get an adorable bundle of fur called a Pomsky pup. Some dog lovers have said that this beautiful fluffy canine is the modern day Chihuahua but Pomsky puppies are far prettier and sweeter than Chihuahuas. Designer dogs have some fabulous names and the Pomsky puppy is the latest “must have” for any small dog lover.

So, let’s take a look at what makes Pomsky Puppies stand head and shoulders above other petite pooches. The Pomeranian is an amazing looking dog with a spectacular long white fluffy coat. This cute toy dog is lively, proud and keen to learn but the Pomeranian also has a quiet and loving nature. The Siberian husky has a beautiful thick coat that could be black and white, silver and white or sable and white. The husky is loving, gentle, docile and playful. Mate the Siberian husky with the Pomeranian and you end up with Pomsky puppies that have a stunning coat of hair and the sweetest nature on earth.


Pomsky puppies are pretty their long multi-colored coats of hair are highly attractive. But these tiny pooches are very appealing, they may be small but the Pomsky pups are full of fun. Naturally the first thing you notice about Pomsky puppies is that long silky coat of hair but then you are drawn to their cute foxy face and their pert little ears. We all love cute pups but more often than not the sweet little puppy that you buy grows into a huge canine that takes up a lot of room. However, Pomsky puppies are toy dogs and as they grow they don’t lose their appeal.

It would be far too easy to look at the Pomsky puppies and judge the book by the cover but any Pomsky puppy owner will tell you that these toy dogs are as bright as a button. The pretty little Pomsky puppies are interested in everything that goes on around them and they are loving and faithful little pups. Yes, the Pomsky puppies are small and some may see them as designer dogs but they definitely have an endearing character and it would be very difficult not to fall head over heels in love with a Pomsky pup.



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