Characteristic Features of Pomsky Puppies


Pomsky is one of the finest breed of dogs. Available in various hues, these furry and beautiful-looking puppies are very impressive. You can have one home, enjoy with the puppy and let it roam around the house. They are absolute mutts, having characteristic features of a Pomeranian as well as a Siberian Huskies. That’s right! Pomsky puppies are a cross breed that has the both of both these breeds.

Loki pomsky 10 weeks old
(Loki- thanks to Kayleigh for sending us a picture he is another of UK Pomskys he is 10 weeks old)


Choosing a pomsky might not be difficult if you are aware of the important considerations; however, it will be difficult to finalize the place from where you buy one. Pomsky puppies are rare dog because Pomskies are hybrid dog. With their characteristic features and size, it is a smile task to locate these dogs. They are available in varied sizes, though puppies are usually small.

The size of pomsky puppies cannot be predicted. Before buying a pomsky, people often ask how big this puppy is going to become. Because this is a mixed breed, the features of these pets cannot be determined. Some of these pets are usually sized like a Pomeranian, while another might be sized like a husky. There are some pets that lie in between, as well. Therefore, the size depends on the genetic combination of these dogs.

Pomsky is one a dog that will stay on for long, as these dogs are really impressive. Apart from its appearance and the furry physique, these dogs are also great to pamper and love. They are quite intelligent and keen on taking part in games and playful activities. These dogs are very competitive by nature as well. This is one of the common characteristics it has derived from both the breeds that make pomsky puppies a cross breed variety. They are active and quite participating by nature too. Therefore, you can have a fun time by bringing home two of the same breed. It would be worth watching the game.

These puppies are very attractive because of their long coat like feature and their fox-like head. They have small and erect ears too. They resemble the Pomeranians more than Siberian Huskies. The combination of their breed reflects on their names too. These puppies are truly adorable. They are easy to maintain, friendly and quite calm too. They would not be wild or fussy with most of their daily habits. Thus, you can easily have one home.


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