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Training Your Pomsky Puppies

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As the Pomsky have a mix of siberian husky in them, their training would be very similar. Generally training puppies prove to be difficult, but with Pomskys it may even take a bit more patience.

This is due to them having a mind of their own whereby they will only obey if they see reason to do so. Training them would therefore require patience and consistency as well as an understanding of their nature. As Pomsky puppies get bored easily, it might prove to be difficult to get them to do repetitive tasks.

Never ever yell at your Pomsky puppies as they are sensitive in nature and will not take kindly to your yelling. When you want to re-iterate a command, you simply have to be firm and persist in getting your puppy to perform the desired action.



What is very important to remember is to treat your puppy like you would with a newborn baby. Be gentle and loving and treat it with tender care.

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Pomsky Puppies are the Latest Favorites

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Pomsky is probably one of the most loved breeds of puppies and dogs today. With its characteristic features and looks, these pomsky puppies are now becoming a part of every home. Different from the other breeds and quite cuter than many dogs, this typical breed has become a hot favorite at homes these days.

Pomsky belong to the hybrid class of dogs- it is a mix of Siberian Husky and Pomeranian breeds. The combination makes these dogs one of the cutest of its kind. This breed of dogs has been termed as designer dogs too. Because of its cross breed, pomsky puppies are simply adorable to look at, they are feathery and quite compact at the same time. In addition, the name of their breed makes them even more popular. With the advent of these puppies and their breed, to be more precise, it has been a wonderful choice for pet lovers. Instead of the labradoodle and the chiuaua, these puppies can be the best choice with respect to appearance and choice.

Because of the appearance of these puppies, their looks and the furry exterior, they have been able to leave a significant impact on the minds of pet lovers. More and more people now want to bring home a pomsky because these dogs look good and they are safer options too. Although they make look docile, they are quite active. At times, these dogs are quite unpredictable in their behavior as well. It becomes very difficult to understand how they would respond to a certain situation or event. However, like most pet dogs, they are also cordial and they adore their masters.

pomsky puppies

Pomsky puppies are now the most irresistible choice of dogs because of their furry appearance. You can take pleasure in holding one in your hand, placing one on the lap and enjoying a chat with your friends. They are perfect toys for every occasion. Their coat actually makes them so distinct and lovable. Available in varied colors, with brown, black and white being prominent, you can have your choice of this breed too. No matter which color you choose, you will get that fluffy and long-haired puppy for your home. The color has nothing much to do with what these dogs are all about, although it certainly makes a difference to the overall appearance of these pets.

A pomsky is lively and highly spirited. It is nimble and active too.

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